Race the Front Door 40

Race the Front Door 40

Race the Front Door 40Race the Front Door 40Race the Front Door 40

A COVID-19 relief race in a world of cancelled races!

Race the Front Door 40

Race the Front Door 40

Race the Front Door 40Race the Front Door 40Race the Front Door 40

A COVID-19 relief race in a world of cancelled races!

Welcome Racers without Races!

We get it. Your races have been cancelled and that sucks.

"Virtual races" are popping up but just going for a run sometime in the next month isn't a race even if you paid for a shirt.

The FrontDoor40 is different. 

How can we all race together in this time of social distancing?

By starting at your front door!

Our Partners


Race for covid-19 relief

Help others while helping yourself.

While racing is something that we can do for ourselves, in this unprecedented time of need, we can turn our passion into something that benefits our heroes in need. A portion of the proceeds from the FrontDoor40 will be donated to Heart to Heart International. They have been doing unbelievable work to create a healthier world since 1992 and are a leading force in combating COVID-19. They are a leader in bringing personal hygiene to communities in need and have done an amazing job getting N95 mask to healthcare workers in Chicago and California. With your help, they can continue to help fight this crazy pandemic.  Check out their good work here.


About the FrontDoor40

Charlie Engle at his Front Door 40 starting line!

The Starting Line

The Starting Line

The Starting Line

A real race has to have a start and a finish and be done with a group of like minded maniacs. 

This has become the main challenge this season because of social distancing. To us, the "replacements" for real races, these virtual races or challenges that start and end whenever you want, might get you off the couch but they don't really cut it as a race.


The Distance

The Starting Line

The Starting Line

We set our minds to 40K.


Sounds good with Front Door right? 

That said, we have distances for everyone. If you haven't been training for a race that got cancelled, maybe our 5K and 10K options are more your speed. 

For the more hardcore, or for those who were training for an ultra, say hello to our 40 miler.


The Date

The Starting Line

The Date

This isn't some running challenge to be done whenever you see fit. 

This is a race. 

It starts precisely at 9:40 am EST on Saturday May 2 2020. At 9:39, you should be geared up, toe on the doorsill, smartwatch on your wrist, ready to crush 40K. 

Where you go once you cross the threshold is up to you. Maybe you'll run laps of your favorite loop. Maybe you'll head to a great trail near you. Maybe you'll just take random turns until your watch says 20K and then you'll turn around and retrace your steps to the finish line...the Front Door!



This is weird but we're figuring it out.

We know that life is crazy right now. Training and racing keep us sane so we sought a solution. A race where everyone is running at the same time for the same cause.

The course and staying distant.

To ensure the safety of our racers and those we interact with, each racer will have a different start line. The front door of where ever you are quarantining. From there, it's up to you. It will be your responsibility to not turn this into a group run. Please don't plan to meet up with other FrontDoor40 racers. Run your 20K, turn around and head back the way you came. Or run strait for 40K and have someone you're quarantined with pick you up. Whatever you choose, just be on the starting line on time and then take care of your distance. 

The Swag.

First and foremost, your registration is helping those in need. Next, it's helping you get out and do what you love. But ya, we all like t-shirts, it's okay. Included in your registration:

  •  40K runners get a tech tee so you can proudly let everyone in your Zoom meeting know that you crushed the FrontDoor40. 
  • A unique finishers metal custom made by Ragged Cuts that doubles as a magnet, your fridge will love it!
  • 30% off all beers at AthleticBrewing.com
  • An exclusive discount at spibelt.com
  • Shipping is included for US racers, international racers will pay additional shipping.

Tracking and submitting.

To be considered an official finisher of the FrontDoor40 you will need to have a smart watch capable of tracking your run. Your results will then be submitted by you, via a google form. Race results will then be tallied and racers notified of their place. You must race with us on May 2nd 2020 starting at 9:40 am EST. If you're in a different timezone cool, do the math. Starting early will be grounds for disqualification and result in a DNF. Starting late is frowned upon and there will be cut offs. See your particular distance for cut off times.